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While all countries are fighting with the covid-19 pandemic, minimum 1.3 billion students in average 186 countries are affected by closing of schools and universities, which approximately can destroy the future life of students. For making the student’s life smooth teachers started the online teaching program in all over the globe.

With this sudden shift of classroom from physical to digital makes all people realize that each everything can fail after some time but technology is ever lasting thing. Technology helps many youngsters to utilize their time, make them earn money by working from home only.

Even before this Covid-19 pandemic, there was the growth in education technology because companies like Team AIS are here to provide the best software to make the students literate and for brightening the future of youngsters.

Whether it is any language app, virtual classrooms, video conferencing rooms or any online learning software, we provide the readymade solution for any education technology since ten years. Our Team AIS has the experience of ten years to make our clients satisfy with their work and needs. This work is more in use since the Corona Virus outbreaks.

Our readymade software systems have helped hundreds of educational institutes, to create their own presence online.

If you want to bring an online presence of your online education, then please read more:

This website can surely give the answers of all your healthy questions sufficiently in one read. First of all you should know the importance for having websites for your universities, type of educational websites, why educational institute need a website.

Importance of having Websites for Your University

Because this time younger generation and their parents uses social media to active more than the physical world. This turns many universities to give advertisements of their university on social media sites such as instagram, facebook and twitter. But recent studies revealed that it is not just social media only that is attracting students online but websites are also responsible for the same. The website is even attracting the international students.

The analyzing report states that 90% of international students register for taking admission without contacting to the universities. Decision to apply for a particular university is just primarily based only on the website of any university.

So, that is why, having a website for universities are very very important for attracting national as well as international students. The website may yield fruitful results.

Accomplishments of Faculty

A website is the best way to show yours faculty accomplishments and achievements for attracting new students and their parents. We are here to help you to easily edit the photos, biographies, and achievement without any technical knowledge.

Amenities of Campus

With a user-friendly CMS, you can easily edit the amenities of campus showing best facilities in your universities. This can save your valuable time for international students during research processes.

Alumni Networking & Community

The website enables the students for making strong bond by connecting through alumni networks. Your website should be the strong link between old friends and their communities.

Different Recruitment

Students interested in different skills can easily find their desired skill on the list by an educational web portal.


The regular blogging on your websites helps the students to stay update with the latest educational or skills trends.

Keep in touch from now to know more about our Web development and designing service.

Types of Educational Website

The website is going to be versatile; it can be static, dynamic or straight forward. We will help you to have the nice website that can provide you many advantages and benefits in today’s education field.

An E-learning web portal

It is a website or application that can let you to make your knowledge deep in a specific field. The way of just mastering in new skills and learning some new concepts is mostly trending this year and be going to continue years long.

Content Serving Site

Digital content is a online written data. It is also known as a digital media, digital content is generally stored on online or on any analog storage in some specific format. Format of digital content include information contained in digitally transmitted, streamed, or digital files.

Educational Video Websites‎

Educational video website is a type of website in which you can provide graphically animated educational video so that students can enjoy the study as well.

You can get any of them website according to your choice and budget from us at exclusively cost-effective price.

Why Any Educational Institution Needs Website?

An amazing internet site can deal with many demanding situations dealing with schools and universities. The first is growth expenses. As the fee of university increases, so will the stress to govern those expenses with the aid of using optimizing operational efficiency. The internet gives higher services extra functionality, quick launch cycles, wider availability, and good sized fee savings.

Easy Interaction with Students

An internet site represents your online presence. With the student’s internet portal’s helps, your institute students can quickly login to their account to test their academic activities.

Keep Parents in-Touch

The parent’s portal on your website can help parents for checking out their child’s overall activities and curriculum. So, they can be updated with the results, events, syllabus and everything for their child’s needs.

Better Learning Experience

An internet portal ultimately enhances the total learning experience for your institute’s students. It really helps students to learn their desired courses at their own convenience.

Serves fresh content for teaching online

With the help of educational web portal, we can update course material online from computer screen.

Attracting more and more Students

A user-friendly educational website is the best way for attracting more and more students and their guardians, as it easily allows them to check everything just from their dashboard only.

 If you have understood the importance of online websites of institutes then you are free to contact us. Team AIS will definitely help you to achieve your goals. We have dealed with many schools and universities earlier and we can proudly say that we are definitely able to provide the all services which we have discussed in upper content as we have readymade websites for this purpose.

Author – Narayan Sharma